. – Lavender Vines


Welcome to Lavender Vines!
Lavender Vines is a Christian Greeting card company that encourages you to stand on God’s Word & God’s promises.
I was inspired to create Lavender Vines after experiencing firsthand the overwhelming love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
It was easily the most difficult time in my life, however when I read God’s Word, instead of hopelessness, I felt hopeful.
Instead of fear, I felt brave.
Instead of defeat, I felt empowered.
I realized that the Word of God was more than just a dusty book, it was my life raft. When everything else seemed empty, God’s Word was full and satisfying.
I began to wonder how powerful it would be if when we see a friend struggling, we could send them a message of encouragement rooted in God’s Word.
Our Words may fall short, but God’s Word lasts forever.
With that seed planted in my heart, Lavender Vines was born.
At Lavender Vines we create beautiful, purposeful designs that share a message of God’s faithfulness, hope, and love.
I hope these cards encourage you and those around you!
Owner & Designer
Tiffany Nicole